A Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration System for 3D Manipulation

In collaboration with Kevin Wong, Seth Hunter, and Nick Gillian.

Remote collaboration systems link audio and video representations of two separate spaces. State-of-the-art systems either concentrate on the interpersonal space and the presence of the remote participant, or on the shared workspace and the collaborative manipulation of data. InReach is a system that integrates both the interpersonal space and shared workspace in one user experience by placing remote collaborators “in reach” of each other in a virtual 3D environment. They see their own live 3D recreated mesh in a shared virtual space standing next to their remote collaborator, side-by-side. InReach explores how remote collaborators can “reach into” a shared digital workspace where they can manipulate 3D virtual objects and data with their bare hands.

A Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration System for 3D Manipulation

Moving A Table



  • Anette von Kapri, Kevin Wong, Seth Hunter, Nick Gillian, Pattie Maes
    InReach: Manipulating 3D Objects Remotely Using your Body

    In Intl. Conf. Human Factors in Computing (CHI 2013), Workshop paper.