Virtual Air Traffic System Simulation

In collaboration with Eckhard Anton, Torsten Kuhlen and Rolf Henke from the institute of aeronautics and astronautics.

We developed a simulation of the air traffic and combined it with a three dimensional visualization in the virtual environment of the CAVE. With an intuitive visualization which considers all relevant aspects of air traffic enclosed we hope to be able to better understand dependencies between different aspects such as noise and pollutant emissions for example and therefore be able to optimize the complete system.

A first approach consisted of a time-dependent visualization of a single air plane moving on a previously calculated flight path. The simulation is computed inside a cylinder with 50km diameter and 5km height, in its middle there will be the airport. The dynamic noise diffusion of the air plane will be shown as well as the pollutant emissions. With a time-dependency model it is possible to have a view on a single time step as well as visualizing the continuous changes of the simulation data, therefore, all aspects of one moment can be inspected in detail as well as the flow of events can be understood.

The overall goal of this project is to visualize an interdisciplinary simulation of the air traffic as a whole with flight path calculation, noise, weather and clime in Virtual Reality. We need to consider three types of interaction:
– airplanes interacting with the surroundings as for example the time-dependent visualization of the noise carpet or emissions
– the environment interacting with the air plane through wind shears for example
– and airplanes interacting with each other through their generated wakes

We developed a time-dependent visualization of a single air plane moving on a previously calculated flight path with the corresponding noise carpet. The simulation can interactively be explored by moving through the scene and adapting the time. Everything is displayed in a CAVE Virtual Environment.