Scripting Interactive Agents in Second Life.

In collaboration with Sebastian Ullrich, Boris Brandherm and Helmut Prendinger.

The Multimodal Presentation Markup Language 3D (MPML3D) is an XML-based scripting language for controlling the verbal and non-verbal behavior of 3D agents developed in the lab of Helmut Prendinger at the National Institute of Informatics (NII), Tokyo. MPML3D is a successor of the original MPML language family, which was developed by Mitsuru Ishizuka at the University of Tokyo.

MPML3D language was revised to support interaction-rich scenarios with reactive agents in Second Life. MPML3D can be used easily by non-programming experts.


  • Anette von Kapri, Sebastian Ullrich, Boris Brandherm, Helmut Prendinger
    Demo Paper: Global Lab: an interaction, simulation, and experimentation platform based on “Second Life” and “OpenSimulator” [pdf]
    Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology 2009