Electronic Field Guide

Annotating 2D Objects in Augmented Reality

In collaboration with Sean White and Steven Feiner.

In augmented reality systems, virtual annotations are added to camera-captured images of live and moving objects. These annotations stay relative to the real object. The precise positioning of annotations represents a challenge.

For this project, I investigated techniques for accurately annotating tracked planar objects in the 3D world on live images. I developed an experimental test application to support botanists in the inspection and identification of newly discovered plants. Therefore, I created an annotation system for leaves and investigated different marker and feature-point based leaf-tracking techniques. The annotation system allows the user to highlight portions of a leaf by circling the corresponding area and attaching handwritten text to it. These annotations marked through stylus input on a touch-sensitive screen are attached virtually to the image using augmented reality techniques.


  • Anette von Kapri, Master’s Thesis
    User Interface Techniques for Annotating 2D Objects in Augmented Reality [pdf]
    Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, Columbia University, New York, 2008