Meditation Light Room

In collaboration with Jie Qi.

Life goes faster and faster. We do not seem to have time to listen to what is happening inside. It seems as though a lot of things are happening unconsciously. They remain unnoticed. We are not aware of our inner state. When we start listening we get valuable feedback on what situations influence us in which ways. When we practice we can learn more about ourselves and be more aware of us and everything around us. Awareness of our inner self can help us take a step back, breath and relax in times of great stress and pressure.

In this project I concentrate on the aspect of self-development. By creating a protected environment you can enter a space that is shielded from the outside world where you can be concentrate on your thoughts and listen to your body. This gives you the time and calmness for a personal analysis. The room represents your inner state and projects it out onto the walls, reveals that what is hidden inside out into the open for you to see it.